Cristal! Odeon! Imperial!

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Cristal! Odeon! Imperial!

78rpm sleeves [1]


The music I grew up with was always associated with imagery. En plus, I lived and survived the era of the ‘concept album’. Every 33 rpm record had it’s own lavishly designed 30 by 30 cm back and front, often with a fold-out or enclosed booklet. Some surface for a graphic designer, compared to the size of a cd jewel case. Every disc was a planned set of songs and had a personalised visual counterpart in its packaging that is hard to imagine if all the music you have is downloaded to an iPod.

A long time ago, when my mom and dad were kids, music didn’t have a face. It came through the radio speaker, not the screen, and records were a fairly new market. Record companies made publicity for themselves or their catalogue, not for the individual artist in their sleeves. Nice sleeves, though. More coming up.

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