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… the international

— Een projectmatig tijdschrift rond internationale samenwerking in de kunsten. Typografie speelt de hoofdrol:

— A project-based magazine about international co-operation in the Arts. Typography is the starring actor:

“They composed a typographic palette that helps to distinguish the three kinds of articles: ‘Reflections’ (essays and lectures) are set in Albertus Nova and FF Balance. ‘Stories’ (interviews) feature Balance alongside ITC Slimbach. The ‘Trends’ section presents data research exclusively in Balance.
Alarm is assigned the role of the attention-grabbing diva. The weird and wonderful face appears in big scarlet letters on the cover, the title page and the heading of the editorial, ensuring a dramatic entry.”

quoted from Fonts in Use.

Made for Flanders Arts Institute, me assisting Hilde Princen.

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