Colourful Bindings

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Colourful Bindings

Alexis Keunen


This colourful lot is part of the Livre du Mois collection, published for a subscribers-only book club in the early fifties. Many of the  Books of the Month were printed in Liège, and the ones shown here were all designed by Alexis Keunen (1922-1990), a surrealist painter from the same city. This could explain the – now slightly retro –  avantgarde look of those years.

Each book was presented in a red cardboard casing and dust protected by a transparent film, both of which did not survive the next half century too well. The materials used all look a bit more classy than they are, but the designs are still fresh, and charm there is plenty.


The covers shown:
A.J. Cronin – Sous le Regard des Etoiles
– Editions Albin Michel, april 1952
Ludwig Bemelmans – Cochon d’Eddie!
– Editions Robert Laffont, december 1950
Arturo D. Hernandez – Sangama
– Editions Albin Michel, july 1952
Betty Mac Donald – N’importe qui peut faire n’importe quoi
– Editions Robert Laffont, hors série 1950
Jaques Robert – Les Dents Longues
– Editions René Julliard, hors série 1951
James A. Michener – Pacifique Sud
– Flammarion Editeur, march 1952
Vasco Pratolini – Chronique des Pauvres Amants
– Editions Albin Michel, november 1950
Elisabeth Barbier – Serres paradis
– Editions René Julliard, september 1950
Claude Farrère – La Sonate Tragique
– Editions Ernest Flammarion, june 1950

Le Club du Livre du Mois
book format: 200 x 135 mm
design: Alexis Keunen

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