Galerie im Erker and Erker Presse

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Galerie im Erker and Erker Presse

Galerie im Erker (or Erker-Galerie from 1973 onwards) was founded in 1959 by Franz Larese and Jürg Janett in St. Gallen, Switzerland. During the 1960s and 70s they showed classic modernist work from the Art Informel movement and mixed media painting. Since their move to the Gallusplatz in 1962, the Erker Presse, an in-house printshop, helped to establish and document the gallery’s importance. 

Until 1990 many lithographic posters, artist editions and books were printed. In collaboration with printer Urban Stoob artists like Günther Uecker, Piero Dorazio, Eduardo Chillida, Giuseppi Capogrossi, Hans Hartung, Eugène Ionesco, Serge Poliakoff, Fritz Winter, Asger Jorn, Max Bill or Antoni Tapiès made their lithographs directly on the stone.
After 1990, the print shop was taken over by Stoob and in 2014 incorporated in a working printing museum in Gmünd.

Lithographic posters by
Fritz Winter, 1962
Max Bill, 1972 & 1983
Hans Arp, 1966
Robert Motherwell; 1971
Bruno Saetti, 1960
Eugène Ionesco, 1986

All posters from my collection,
some are available on huis hut.

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