dansen in de blokkendoos

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dansen in de blokkendoos

Als reactie op één van mijn FontStructions kreeg ik de vraag waarom ik niet consequent een bepaalde vormingreep op alle tekens toepaste. Mijn antwoord (in Inglese, wegens de voertaal aldaar):

Well, I’ve been working with (real ;)) fonts for over 20 years now, and one thing I’ve learnt is that visually, consistency often leads to something that doesn’t work anymore. First apply your concept, than let the eye make the final call. The mind makes the rules, the eye bends them along the way. With this modular system I was interested in inducing seemingly inconsistent elements, or at least breaking the rigidity from the start.

While fontstructing I spend more time in the preview window, typing and comparing wordshapes than in the ‘structing’ window, and often I am zapping between them to see what a minor change in one character might do next to other characters in a sentence.

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